Buying New vs Buying Used

Die casting machines, equipment and spare parts represent a very expensive capital investment for die casters around the world. These days, efficiency and reduced running costs in manufacturing are the difference between winning and losing customers. Given the current state of the world economy and increasing competition, it is essential that die casters deliver a high quality product and at the same time retain a healthy profit.

As such, there has never been a better time to invest in high quality, second die casting machines and equipment which are a fraction of the cost of brand new.

In our current economic climate, buying new die casting machines or equipment can be just too big of a financial burden on manufacturing companies struggling to make a profit. Yet, companies must have adequate process equipment to complete orders, and when a very old die casting machine or equipment breaks or becomes outdated, it must be replaced to keep production moving forward.

Buying used die casting machines and equipment can save you a whopping 60-70% of the cost of buying a new one. As such, it makes simple business sense to buy used. With used machinery your “Return On Investment” (known as ROI) is substantially better. Or in other words, you get much better Value for your money. Even if you have to spend some money to make a few repairs, the savings still far outweigh new machinery by a long shot. Not only that, with used machines and equipment you can usually have them on your floor very quickly, unlike new machines which take over half a year, or longer, for delivery.

The combination of low price, excellent Return On Investment (ROI) and quick delivery, make used machines and equipment the logical choice for die casting companies which want to be competitive and profitable.

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